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Infinite Scroll

Erections are Prohibited

by Lithium_hobo on Sep 17, 2017
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

The characters and settings below do not belong to the author and are the property of their respective owners. The author is not affiliated with the aforementioned copyright holders. Any original characters, settings, and plot are property of the author. If it is illegal for you to view this material in your country, please do not read further. All character...

Apartment 2B

by Sully_M on Sep 14, 2017
Erotic Couplings

Ellis let out a long, ragged breath. As she fiddled around with the pipe under the small bathroom sink, she did her best to focus on why she was in this man's apartment. A task that was proving difficult as the shower ran just around the corner with one of the hottest men in her apartment complex inside. Her eyes took their time moving around from the entr...

I, Blackmail Ch. 10

by DigitalAge on Apr 16, 2018
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Sarah sat silently on the bed with the clock in her lap. It was just passed 6pm when she had woken up. She wasn't sure if Domina had made her fall asleep or if she had done so on her own. For the next two hours she just stared at the clock, thinking about the songs, and wondering if there were more. She feared that there might be and that they might bring he...

Het seksleven van een man van middelbare leeftijd!

by e-ro-ger-stories on Jul 4, 2013
Non-English (dated)

Als ik mijn seksleven bekijk, dan wordt ik met regelmaat seksueel bevredigd door mijn seksvriendinnen. Ik ben goed geschapen, de lengte en omvang zijn bij volledige erectie meer dan gemiddeld. Ik hou ervan goede seks aan mijn meisjes te geven. Ik ben na jaren hardcore seks tot de conclusie gekomen dat zelfs de grootste frigide vrouw door een grote stijve pik...

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Ho, Ho, Hoes, Merry Chrissymas

by GoneGray on Dec 2, 2019

Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content. This is my entry in the Winter Holidays 2019 contest, so please vote if you read the story. This is the romantic story of two college students, who, not having met each other before, are about to become step-brother & step-sister, yet find themselves too attracted to each other in a...

2020 - WIC

by Rekki on May 10, 2020

WIC, short for „Weekly Image Captions“, is a project I started this year to post an image caption each week. The characters, scenes and kinks are often different from piece to piece but there are some reoccurring themes like Timestop and Mind-Control, since these are my own favorite kinks. Since March, it‘s possible to choose the character for an upcoming we...

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NieR: Euphoria

by DisasterArtist on Dec 23, 2018

Data Exchange Initiated... Unit is ready for reactivation... Loading saved data... Calibrating new plugins... Calibration completed. System restart... Boot sequence initiated... Visual system online... Brightness adjusting... For a moment you find yourself blinded by light as your vision reactivates. You find yourself in your quarters on the YoRHa bunker, yo...

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On Redheaded Women

by rexfelis on Sep 16, 2017
Reviews & Essays

The redheaded person is a rarity because the genes for red hair are recessive. This means that each person with true red hair must have received the gene from both parents, which is unlikely since this gene is rarer than almost all other genes for hair color. The only one rarer is the gene for absolutely platinum blonde hair. Naturally, this makes the redhe...

The Gamer, Chyoa edition.

by TheDespaxas on May 2, 2017
Science Fiction

It all started yesterday. John just had his 18th birthday and when he woke up the next day everything had changed. As his alarm clock rang he was surprised to see a large frame floating in mid air in front of him. New quest: get ready for school. wash yourself get dressed eat breakfast use the bathroom Reward 20 xp Optional: masturbate Reward 10 xp AC...

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For the Throne

by utterdomupdater on Jul 28, 2020

Very mature themes ahead! Non-con, dub-con, dark fantasy, violent action scenes, and corruption. If you are not interested in those, turn away! But you can also select options that are loving and kind, if that is what you like too! This story must be read in game mode. There are three significant routes that can be attained, mostly based on what transpires d...

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