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Infinite Scroll

The World of Futadom

by Ammadillen on Jan 16, 2019
Transgender & Crossdressers

Futriarchal kingdoms empires and clans Futadom Empire Futa Shogunate Mandate of Futa*(part of the Chinese Empire) Futa Jallon tribes Golden Horde Indigenous Futa Futa Bongo islands Futa Jarldoms(part of the Futadom Empire) Patriarchal kingdoms, empires and clans The Federation of the free states The Papacy The Papacy colonial states African Defe...

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by ymous42 on Mar 30, 2016

The Futa Empire continues to conquer the small isolated Free Male States one by one. Your story takes place in a border territory of the Empire, in a medium size city of 500,000 or so people. The male population of the territory has been shrinking and if the trend continues, major problems could arise. A small mountain range separates you from a Free Male St...

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Kami's New Futa World.

by SuperFutaKami on Jun 22, 2020

Guidelines and Introduction. (Please keep all characters involved in erotic acts at least 18 years or older.) The setting will be somewhere in the late 2040s. A new sexually transmitted disease was engineered. It only effected the offspring of the carrier, but it would cause about a 30-40% chance the females infected would give birth to a hermaphrodite. Not...

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by AegisXP on Jun 15, 2018

Welcome to RWBY Futa! This is a collection of stories where you, the reader, get to have some intimate encounters with the various women of Remnant. Is what you're looking for not here? No problem! We are accepting submissions for any and all types of scenarios, so long as you follow the story's guidelines. Thanks for reading, and happy fapping!What's next?...

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Futa Isekai

by GreenWanting on Aug 17, 2020

You can faintly remember a loud noise and some pain, but that was then, not now. You aren't exactly sure what/when/where now is but you find yourself shaking the foggiest of sleep from your mind as you sit up. You take in your surroundings, the first thing you notice is your body is different now. Pulling back the sheets you find yourself to be in excellent...

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The Imperial Infantryman's Uplifting Primer

by Naruyashan on Dec 6, 2018
Fan Fiction

(This is my first story on the site, and one of my first forays into the field of NSFW writing. Suggestions, requests, and feedback are welcomed.) I wouldn't recommend you go in looking for a very serious tone, though. As the synopsis suggests, this is intended to be a mix of lewd and humorous, and I can definitely see how that could put off some people. Als...

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Futa Island

by LezzyLucy on Sep 29, 2018

Sleep slowly departs from your mind as you begin to stir. The sound of the ocean rolls in your ears pleasantly as you linger in the last moments of sleep before needing to rise. That peace is cut short by the squawk of a seagull just above your head. Startled by the unexpected sound, you jump from your prone position and a blinding light finds your eyes. Slo...

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Create a Shemale

by wsauthor on Sep 29, 2018
Science Fiction

*Author’s note: This story is Public, if you have an idea, start writing!* Robots, science and chemistry have all advanced further than the public is aware of. Due to patents and trade secrets, nobody knew it was even possible to create a sex bot. They can have gravity defying shapes and sizes. They can even alter their owner with chemical cocktails. Cockbot...

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Future futas

by ZeroC9006 on Feb 8, 2019

It is the year 26XX on a cold Sunday night, an ear-piercing scream fills a city hospital as a Futa lays in a hospital bed surrounded by nurses and doctors. All of them are frantically making sure everything with this birth goes perfectly and after what seems like hours, the mother finally gives birth to a healthy baby boy (you). For the next few days, you an...

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To Be, or not To Be; Fucked

by JakeInalake on May 29, 2020

Gabrielle was far from below the average highschool boy standards of excellence. For starters, he was way shorter than any boy he knew, he was a stout 4 foot eleven inches, making him even below or barley on par with women. He was very curvy and feminine growing up as well, attempting many sports like track or swim had only decreased his hope in attempting t...

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