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Infinite Scroll

The Choice

on Nov 7, 2013
Mind Control

"It's time to make a choice, John Doe." An eerie voice calling your name wakes you from a deep slumber. Looking around, you can see nothing in the immediate vicinity—you're floating in an endless void of darkness, your body weighing not much more than a feather. "For reasons that I shall keep to myself, I've decided to bestow an ability upon y...

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How Do YOU Do It?

by ARobinsHood on Sep 16, 2017
Toys & Masturbation

How do YOU do it? As a healthy adult male I've learned one thing about masturbation .. everyone has done it, and probably still does. For most men, the onset of puberty is also the onset of a very serious relationship of their hand with their penis. The occasional explorations of a child become a full blown (sorry) love affair of the penis and whichever han...

A High School Show Choir

by rickybobby69 on Jan 19, 2018
Mind Control

Your name is Eli Smith. You are a sophomore at Center Grove High School. You are in Sound System, which is the varsity show choir at CG. After practice one day, you are driving home when you pull up to a stoplight. The light is red, so you wait until it turns green. When it does, you drive accross the intersection. A car heading perpendicular to you doesn't...

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Synthetic Slaves

by Garo on Jan 17, 2020

This story is based on the alternative timeline of the novel “Underground Airlines” by Ben Winters. In this timeline the South won the civil war and in the current time slavery remains legal in 4 states. Martin Luther King Jr. and the Civil Rights Movements brought better conditions for black citizens, but they weren´t able to abolish slavery in every state....

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Normality-Self insert universe.

by hollowking111 on Jan 19, 2017
Fan Fiction

This is a normality-self insert story where a character of your own choosing either one made up by you or a character from your favorite movie, TV show, game, book, comic, or manga is placed in which ever fictional universe that you want and given the power of universal acceptance to do what ever he or she wants to do. First pick a universe you want this sto...

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The life coach(public)

by Bobbyboy123 on Aug 5, 2018
Mind Control

It was Saturday morning and I like everyone else in the world was glued to my t.v waiting for “The Guru” to announce who he had chosen to be his replacement. It came as a shock to everyone when he announced his retirement last month. Then he announced that he would be taking applications from anyone and everyone which was surprising. Not just anyone could do...

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Faire Trade

by PeterPrinceofPervs on Dec 30, 2016
Mind Control

Once upon a time, Jack had been a normal guy, like you or me. Well. Maybe a little more perverse than most. There was always so many beautiful ladies around, and he just wanted to touch them. One day, he woke up different, changed. There was no magic fairy, no voice of god, just the knowledge in his head that he could do as he wished, to anyone he wished. It...

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Star Wars - Normality - Self insert Part II

by Revan on Apr 12, 2017
Fan Fiction

Important Notice: On my vacation just now, I found out that I lost some of my fun at writing ever since posting what I created, because I always thought about what would be good for the readers. Something I never did in the years before. I wrote a story just as it came to my mind once again and can tell, that it does far more to relax me than what I did in t...

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Smut Anthology

by lolhappy250 on Dec 9, 2018

This "story" is meant to be a replacement for my tumblr, since they decided to fuck themselves right after I started a blog, and since all my content was erotica anyways, this seemed like a serviceable choice. As such, within you'll find a variety of short stories and flash fiction, rather than an overarching plot. Fair warning, I lean heavily towa...

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Humans and Homesteads

by Swallows999 on Sep 26, 2017
Mind Control

You live in the modern day world! There are no flying cars or dragons, no, simply look out your window if you want to imagine what the lay of the land is for this story. One key note and important distinction: your universe has been altered for some reason! Women are more prevalent than men, splitting it 70% to 30% and in your high school specifically the ra...

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