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Three Week Vacation Getaway

by Raiga on Mar 6, 2016
Cheating Spouses

On a whim, you had decided to enter a contest. It was a sweepstakes giveaway where you had to lick a few stamps, accept some spam in your email, answer a few surveys and hopefully win something. It said everyone was guaranteed to win something and the minimum prize was a waterproof watch, so you figured it would be something that you could brag about to all...

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Friends on Vacation

by thepcwizard0929 on Nov 27, 2019

You shoot down the country road with your friends, laughing and having a good time. Last year of High School just ended, you're in your parents blue sedan that they let you borrow for this vacation since you graduated with high honors. Since you are headed across the country to Princeton, and all your friends are going to be scattered all around as well, you...

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Down at the beach.

by SeriousBrainDamage on Sep 10, 2016

Follow the stories of different characters on the beach. Author's note: This wants to be a collection of summer stories, all revolving around the beach. More in general the episodes will be centered on the feelings, situations and palces that usually make a vacation. Feel free to add your own contribution. Disclaimer: The different nationalities of the ch...

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Fun on a Cruise Ship

by randodiscard on Sep 26, 2017
Erotic Couplings

The SS Amazon Excelsior has been at sea for nearly a week straight now and the people on board are getting restless. It's an inevitability of life on a cruise ship, of course. People get tired of the same-old same-old and want to branch out. That's why there are people from all walks of life aboard the Excelsior, trying to find new things to do with their da...

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A Free Vacation Ch. 03

by jealouscuck on Jan 20, 2020
Interracial Love

On the flight back to Albuquerque, Dan and Valerie talked some in a whispered voice about the whole vacation experience. If Valerie had any reservations, she surely did not show it. In fact, most of her whispers were into Dan's ear: "I can't wait until we get back home, Honey, I am going to fuck your little dick off. This whole vacation has made me so horny...

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by MetropolitanDenial on Dec 6, 2017
Erotic Couplings

Rose and Owen Harper saved up all year for their big family vacation. This year, they'd be taking their four children - 20-year-old Dean, 18-year-old Finn, and 15-year-old twins Lucy and Lily - to Florida. They were thrilled at the idea of taking the kids to the central Florida theme parks, spending time at the beach, and, most importantly, having some roman...

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Welcum to Pornland

by Forged on Nov 18, 2015
Science Fiction

John wasn't entirely sure about this trip. About a week ago John was called at work by the radio station 96.9 The Cleft. The two rowdy hosts, Jill and Jack, congratulated John on winning a trip, but they were so drunk all John heard was "Porlnd ta see da Tail Blzsz..." While John wasn't really interested in the sports, but a free vacation was a fre...

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Vacation in Aruba

by The Bully on Apr 2, 2009

21 year old Jimmy Baker looked out of the hotel room's slider out over the beautiful beach 8 stories below. The tropical weather was perfect and the water crystal clear. A light breeze came in off the water which helped offset the 80+ degree temperatures. He was glad he decided to come to Aruba for this seven day vacation. He really needed it. After saving f...

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Desperate camping

by wetitall on Feb 18, 2017

May, Jane was driving to college like any other week day, dreaming away about how he was going to spend the upcoming summer brake. She's been working hard lately, putting in some extra hours at her temp job at the local bar to save some money for a great vacation! She'd been looking forward to this for months with an exceptionally hard semester she's just ab...

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Mom, can I...

by Aronson on Jul 24, 2015

Jane's life had not been easy. Ever since she divorced her husband, she had her hands full. Although she was not forced to work, due to her parent's being filthy rich, her son kept her on her toes. As if grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning after him wasn't already enough, doing his errands and being his chauffeur made being his mother into a full-time job. E...

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