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Infinite Scroll

Fiction Hotness

by 57 on Sep 26, 2017
Fan Fiction

Welcome to the multiples fiction worlds! You have the ability to access to every each one of them, from the world of Harry Potter to the world of different manga and anime series. You can witness of the adventures of this different fictional characters, or better, interact with them, and be part of their adventures. There are no limits on how you can interac...

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Naughty Overwatch

by Fiftyfiftyfifty on Jun 15, 2016
Fan Fiction

To enjoy this story, you don't need to know about the Overwatch cast, but it'll certainly help. Though at this point, I assume almost everybody has at least heard of the game. If your preferred character doesn't lead to a path yet, feel free to like it and return at another time, and hopefully something will be written. Feel free to "like" your fav...

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Overwatch Bootcamp

by agirlgoneawry on Feb 28, 2019
Fan Fiction

The coach shuddered to a stop. Despite the smell of thirty athletic guys and girls sweating their asses off, and being cramped into an uncomfortable seat that felt like it was made out of concrete, your heart was racing. You were finally here. You were doing this. Ever since you were a little kid, all you could dream of was becoming an Overwatch agent. What...

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Written Ownership

by LLation on Feb 7, 2020
Mind Control

All characters in this story are at least 18 years old. It was just another average day. Little did you know, you had gained the ability to claim ownership over any person or thing. Anyone who sees your name written on any object will believe wholeheartedly that you own that object, even if that object is a person (or part of a person). Social conventions, e...

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Whore Division Ch. 05

by Faye_Skylark on Sep 12, 2017
Humor & Satire

"How on earth did you break your bed, sis? It looks like a warzone in there!" exclaimed Alana. "I knew you've been seeing someone!" "Honestly, I haven't! It was just old and poorly put together, it was bound to happen," insisted Erica as she sipped at her cup of black coffee at her kitchen table. In her mind Erica had a flashback to her orgasmically charge...

Overwatch Mansion

by RhynoZeroes on Apr 18, 2018
Fan Fiction

“Intruder alert, someone has broken inside the mansion. Intruder alert, someone has broken inside the mansion” A robotic voice echoed throughout the mansion. Samuel woke up with a twitch. This was the first time in a month that the alarm had sounded. Last time it had just been a stray cat walking in the yard, but this time, it was something else. “Target imm...

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The Sim - Overwatch Ch. 02

by justsomeguy41 on Jun 3, 2019
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

Note: What can I say. I really like the Overwatch girls. Widowmaker section involves bondage and a fuck machine. Sym section is sorta whatever. Brigitte section involves making her a pet sex slave kinda. Tracer/Widow section involves futa kinda with remote dildos and lezzy stuff. Ana/Pharah involves mother-daughter incest. All of it's anal obviously. I t...

Overwatch: The Lost Soldier

by SwirlingJedi on Feb 6, 2018
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

Author's Note: First off, I need to say this, just so I don't tread on anyones toes; Overwatch, and all characters affiliated, are copyrights of Blizzard Entertainment and no copyright infringement is intended for this story. All rights belong to Blizzard Entertainment and this story is strictly a fan-fiction, meant for entertainment purposes only. Now tha...

Life comes to Overwatch

by Mattahouen on Mar 24, 2017
Science Fiction

A few months had passed since Lena, Hana, Angela, Widowmaker, Mei and Symmetra had returned to the game. The Doomfist release turned out to be a sneak peak of the future from Blizzard, because hero number 24 just so happened to be Orisa. Some female omnic horse thing. I was still depressed. Not only had I lost the six most perfect women any guy could ever as...

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Sombra's Stripping Excursion

by BlueCicero on Jan 15, 2020
Fan Fiction

"Greetings, Sombra," said the contact in a distorted voice. "I'm pleased you took interest in my offer. My clients wanted the best, and I like to get them the best." The legendary hacker stared at the grainy videofeed on her handheld. She was suspicious when she got an email about a one-of-a-kind contract, and this was not helping her sus...

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