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CYOTF - Your Story

by khanhninh on Jul 19, 2020

A swirly cloud of something that looked like fog filled the room, and then it faded into the night. You, John lay sleeping in the bed, covers pulled up to your chin. The clock next to you showed "6:59", then quietly flipped to "7:00" and began to beep. You were asleep, and right in the middle of a very exciting dream, when the loud beepin...

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Contagion 63X - Viral Transformation

by Aroband on Feb 20, 2020

From the records of Advanced Bio-hazard Research Facility Psi Omega - Location **Redacted** ---===Virus 209-q===--- Codename: 63X Virus 209 was designed as a way to naturally incapacitate the human body by temporarily drastically increasing the production of certain hormones in the body. Strand q was a dangerous outlier in 209's evolution that went far beyon...

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Transformation Super Story

by Zekar on Jan 11, 2020

Welcome to the Transformation Super Story. A collaborative effort between Transformation Writers. If you want to get onto the story please continue onto the chapter selection below. What is the Transformation Super Story? Every author given write access to this story is someone who has added chapters to Zekar's transformation themed stories in the past. The...

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Transformation Guide

by Zekar on Jan 16, 2019

This isn’t a story. It is a guide dedicated to cataloging various tropes that fall under Transformation erotica. Additionally I have plot examples listed which if get liked a lot might result in me turning it into an actual story on this site. This will focus on Terminology, Transformation Types, Mental Change Types, and other aspects of the genre. If you li...

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CYOTF - Fantasy Vacation

by khanhninh on Jun 23, 2020
Erotic Couplings

You and your girlfriend are about to go on the vacation of a lifetime. A magical resort where your transformation fantasies come true. Each room has the ability to let you transform yourself into anything you want depending on the theme. There is a room for people who like to be a different: age species Gender Size (height, weight, muscle, etc) person object...

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The Trickster's Gift

by Filthy Boi on Jun 10, 2020

Okay, but really - gods exist. Small g. If you believe in the big G type, then I can't prove it nor disprove it. Live your life the way you feel is right, no problem. But below the Absolute, but far, far above us mortals, exist certain unusual beings. Are they good? Are they evil? Well, most of the time, they are just alien and they keep to themselves. Every...

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Transformation and Titillation Ch. 01

by SNEZ_Writing on Sep 24, 2019
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Beginning in the late 2020s, a strange rumor began to pop up on forum sites. Mysterious posts would appear and then disappear an hour later. They would advertise something called, 'Transformation and Titillation' claiming it was the best game show on the internet followed by a hyperlink and a warning that only those eighteen and older could view the content....

It's Alive!

by mindtheMILF on Sep 30, 2017
Science Fiction

Dark clouds build up along the coast. Seagulls fly high in the sky moving north bound in long circular motions further away from the old stone tower. Trees ready to be lifted from their roots as the wind blows through the terrain. Rain pours from the sky making visibility nearly impossible on the old dirt road leading toward the old lighthouse. Once stood as...

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Hollywood Horror Story

by zbloutch on Feb 13, 2020

The night had fallen for a couple hours, and yet, Los Angeles was more dynamic than ever. The city was shining a thousand lights coming from its numerous buildings, and its population was living it's life, far from suspecting something terrible was coming their way. And yet, it was. You see, there are things humans have come to think impossible, because the...

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The Tower of Total Defeat

by Gatsha on May 19, 2020

The Tower of the Red-Eyed Princess is not marked on any map. Its whereabouts are unknown... down to the planet... down to the very universe, and the very dimension. Such a map would be unnecessary. When challengers seek the tower... or, when the tower calls for challengers... the two will find each other. The tower is told of in hushed whispers... It is said...

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