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Infinite Scroll


by JukeboxEMCSA on Sep 16, 2017
Mind Control

The virus was initially transmitted to its new host through the optic nerve. Upon infection, the host itself facilitated the metamorphosis the virus needed in order to begin the next step of replication. Its initial structure, in which its genetic information was encoded as a pattern of light in different colors, proved to be unable to survive inside the hos...

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The Grateful Virus Ch. 01

by jadling on Sep 13, 2017
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

This storyline is open for contributions by other authors - see the "missing chapters" chapter for more on this. All events and characters are fictional. Copyright 2007 by James Adling. All rights reserved. Note: This first chapter has no sex. Also note: This story is not for everybody. The sexual fantasy here is very specific, and I'm sure many will not...

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The Submissive Temp Ch. 05

by JBEdwards on Jan 8, 2019

In Chapter Four, we found Dr. Taylor beginning a courtship, while Sally's breast lump biopsy is positive. Meanwhile she realizes her husband Mark is living a wild life with Singapore women, and she yields to temptation with the boys Maria traditionally "entertains." Due to the positive biopsy, Sally naturally assumes she has breast cancer. She is only 23. Su...

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by MrFinesse on Sep 20, 2018
Science Fiction

(Disclaimer: The stories here ment for people to enjoy, not to offend or gross out anyone who reads it. If you don't enjoy the kinda things that involve excessive amounts of bodily fluids, transformation, gender altering, furry, or anything else outside of the norm, you probably won't like this. If you do, than take a peek at a chapter or two. If you think o...

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Hentai World Ch. 03

by PrevertOne on Sep 19, 2017
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

The Avatars' Ball Thanks to Todger 65 for the edit. Hangar 14's design reflected the dieselpunk style of the others. It was one of several specifically designed for A.I maintenance and transfer. Tractor 57 led the shuttle into 14 and demagnetized the towbar. "Here we are, nice and cozy. Remember to open your access ports to the utility arms. Good luck...

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by Nosmel on Oct 19, 2017

It's been several years since the epidemic broke out, effecting everyone in the world nearly simultaneously. Due to its symptom free nature, at least initially, as well as the quick incubation time and airborne transmission vectors, the whole world was infected by the time the first signs began to show in earnest. It had some official designation, H1W1 or so...

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The Grateful Virus Missing Chapters

by jadling on Sep 15, 2017
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

The Grateful Virus: Missing Chapters Parts of this story are open for other authors to contribute. This chapter describes how, and also outlines the general events of the first missing time period, which readers may find interesting even if they don't intend to contribute. Chapters 6-10 haven't yet been written, and are reserved for me to write someday if...

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The Bimbo Fever

by daveport on Feb 10, 2018

Just Yesterday every thing was normal in town. Last night at about midnight a lab working on a fertility drug for women had an unexpected explosion. This released the now altered fertility drug into the air. The drug was based on a virus that could replicate in order to make the drug quicker to manufacture. The explosion change the drug and virus so that any...

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The Submissive Temp Ch. 06

by JBEdwards on Jan 16, 2019

In Chapter 5 we learned that Sally was a virus that's attacking her brain. It's the virus that compels her to have sex, as it influences the part of her brain that controls one's sexual drive. Hers is on steroids, so to speak. Moreover, the virus is fatal as it eventually attacks the autonomic nervous system. She has one hope: an experimental drug Rivonine,...

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The Submissive Temp Ch. 09

by JBEdwards on Jan 15, 2019

The Power of Campari After a lovely session with Ravi, I kissed the drained and exhausted man goodbye, and now fully dressed I left for work with a little spring in my step. The sex marathon had bought me a small reprieve, and my sexual need did not kick in forcefully until around 10:30AM. I wondered if it was because I was still taking a Rivonine capsule e...

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