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Infinite Scroll

Total Time Control

by One37 on Aug 25, 2016
Science Fiction

NOTE: Please feel free to add any chapter you like. This story has many possibilities so add whatever! Also PM any chapter suggestions :) Ben, is 18 years old and just a normal, not very popular, boy. Ben lives at home with his parents. While his older sister, lives in her own house with her boyfriend. Ben has never been popular so he has just a few close fr...

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YouTubers try exhibitionism

by PurplePython on Sep 26, 2017
Exhibitionist & Voyeur

For some YouTubers sharing huge amounts about their lives with their audience just isn't enough. Sometimes they want to share their entire bodies with their viewers. Characters you can choose (so far): Dodie: independent singer & vlogger Anna Akana: comedian & actress Barbara Dunkelman: from Rooster Teeth Hannah Witton: sex education YouTuber Hazel...

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Pausing Youtubers

by dirty1992 on Sep 26, 2017
Fan Fiction

Welcome internet walker. If you have come across his interactive story then you have been selected to join in a little experiment. An experiment that will give you the power to pause any female YouTube personality in the same position as in a video and teleport to her location at that moment in time with the help of a special ipod. For your understanding her...

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ShoeOnHead halloween party

by boltox95 on Mar 18, 2021
Fan Fiction

Omg you are at this random Halloween party and you don't know anyone. You don't even know how you ended up here. It's then you see someone you recognize from across the room. You can't tell where from however, until it hits you! That's ShoeOnHead! What is she doing here? You look around and try to see if there are other youtubers around or if anybody else re...

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Pausing Anyone, Anywhere

by gendo3991 on Nov 18, 2017
Fan Fiction

You receive a magical galaxy mobile from what may be a sorcerer maybe a god. It gives you the ability to pause time within a confined space or over the entire planet. To teleport to a location the time distortion is taking place in and manipulate paused individuals. Head my warning, however, anybody not in the space manipulated by your galaxy can see and hea...

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YouTubers journey

by Courtney on Jun 27, 2019
Exhibitionist & Voyeur

Your name is Lexia Hall you are a incredibly attractive girl you have Blue eyes and Brown hair with nice Small perky tits and a Fat bubbly ass. You have been wanting to become a YouTuber for a while now but your mom and dad never let you. Yesterday was your 18th birthday and you decide to become a YouTuber you have a old computer mouse keyboard and a newish...

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Strip Streaming

by undeadclown on Oct 31, 2020

In the many years since streaming video games for a live audience became popular, a large amount of female gamers have entered the scene. However, as their numbers increased a stereotype began to develop in the community: that the vast majority of these "girl gamers" were merely using their gender to boost their popularity and get easy tips, perhap...

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by writerperson on Sep 26, 2017

Beautiful female YouTubers are losing their clothes, for various reasons, and ending up naked and exposed. It's up to you just how! Feel free to add whoever you want to see end up naked. The list can grow as much as you all like.What's next? Haleyisgangsta Suzy Berhow Laina Walker (Overly Attached Girlfriend) Dodie Clarke Azzyland Holly Conrad (Commander Ho...

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My First Rendezvous with Lisa

by jormunwordserpent on Mar 6, 2018

Author's Note: This story was originally written at the request of one of my favorite shoeplay youtubers. It casts her as Lisa, the person I'm addressing through the story, as though it were a recounting of what had happened between us. This isn't my usual style, but it was a very fun experiment. ***** "If you want to do more than stare, meet me at the ad...

Girls Club Ch. 01

by ValerieMay on Mar 7, 2018
Transsexuals & Crossdressers

I stood by the bedroom window, letting the morning sun shine bright lines across my face. I closed my eyes and inhaled deep through my nose as the hazelnut flavored steam from my coffee reminded me of when everything was so ordinary. Ken was still in the shower and I wondered how he would like seeing me in my new XL knit sweater without any pants or underwea...